Do's and Don'ts

Do's Don'ts
Do make use of the Library, the treasure of knowledge. Do not bring food or drink into the library
Do switch your mobile to silent Don't make voice calls
Please sign in the visitors’ register each time the user enters the library Do not use pen drive on systems provided in CDC(Library
Please carry ID card to the library to produce when needed Please do not carry other library/personal books
Please return issued books in time to avoid overdue charges Do not play games on computers
Please work with your friends on homework or projects if you need to, but please do it quietly so as not to disturb others who visit library for the same purpose. Do not come in at the last minute and expect to get everything you need. You might be disappointed. It's much better to plan ahead, and set up a timeline for your work in library.
Please treat library with respect, and leave it clean and orderly Don't disturb others around you
Please follow the signs and directions that have been placed in the library to help you locate materials. Do not sleep inside the Library
Please save your files , as computers sometimes freeze and your work will be lost if you don't save it first
Use Library PCs only for research/academic works Do not talk loudly or walk noisily inside the Library
Do ask for help if you need when using computers. Don’t damage any library property and no pilferage
Always ask for what you want Don't write anything in library books.
Respect Library Rules and Regulations Don’t keep the books in racks after reading
Use bins
Use book markers Do not discuss inside library
Do leave the books on table after reference work is completed Do not try to keep the books in racks

It's your Library, so DO respect Library property and do your part to keep library neat and clean.